Northumbrian Piping Competition Trophies

Feedback is important

I take great pride in my work and it is widely praised.  I have entered my sets into the Northumbrian Pipers Society competitions and won the Pipemakers category.  Here are a selection of recent comments about sets I have made or work on-

"Can't put 'em down, Kim! Such a sound and such a delicate, slim chanter: pure joy!"- BW

"Lovely work and a beautiful sound". - AM

"Great to spend the morning with you yesterday, and thanks for fine tuning my chanter and of course the drones. I did have a play last night and they're sounding gorgeous and they'll have to be prised from my hands!" - WO

"The new pipes surpass my expectations: I think I can use "over the moon," right? Exquisite. Perfect" - BW

"The reeds arrived today, I have a set of pipes that sound great again so I am a happy bunny" - A

"the reeds are brilliant...also interesting to see how they developed" - TF

"Just wanted to let you know that all 3 of your chanter reeds play beautifully in my Colin Ross 11 key chanter. Many thanks for your great reed-making skills. The set is now singing very sweetly. Long Live Northumberland!" - JW